dimanche, octobre 25, 2015

BOOTLEG : Don Henley - The Masonic, San Francisco, 5 October 2015

01. Seven Bridges Road
02. No, Thank You
03. The End Of The Innocence
04. Praying For Rain
05. That Old Flame
06. The Heart Of The Matter
07. She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune
08. I Put A Spell On You
09. Let's Burn Down The Cornfield
10. New York Minute

01. Dirty Laundry
02. Take A Picture Of This
03. Words Can Break Your Heart
04. The Last Worthless Evening
05. When I Stop Dreaming
06. The Cost Of Living
07. Bramble Rose
08. It Don't Matter To The Sun
09. Too Much Pride
10. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
11. Where I Am Now
12. The Boys Of Summer
13. Train In The Distance
14. All She Wants To Do Is Dance


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