samedi, septembre 19, 2015

BOOTLEG : Steel Pulse - House of Blues, Chicago, 27 August 2015

d1t01. Intro > Blues Raid Dance 
d1t02. Sound Check 
d1t03. Prediction 
d1t04. Makka Splaff 
d1t05. Drug Squad 
d1t06. A Who Responsible 
d1t07. Soldiers 
d1t08. Babylon Makes The Rules 
d2t01. Chant A Psalm (nyabinghi) 
d2t02. Worth His Weight In Gold (Rally Round) (SSB intro) 
d2t03. Don't Be Afraid 
d2t04. Nyah Love 
d2t05. Let Freedom Ring 
d2t06. Hands Up I Can't Breathe 
d2t07. Stepping Out 
d2t08. Roller Skates 


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