samedi, septembre 05, 2015

BOOTLEG : Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine - Klub Fléda, Brno, 27 August 2015

01.Strength Thru Shopping//
02.//John Dillinger
03.--Jello Speaks--
04.New Feudalism
05.--Jello Speaks--
06.Road Rage
07.Barackstar O'Bummer >
08.Mid-East Peace Process
09.California Über Alles [Dead Kennedys]
10.--Jello Speaks--
11.The Brown Lipstick Parade
12.Three Strikes
13.--Jello Speaks--
14.Nazi Punks Fuck Off [Dead Kennedys]
15.Pets Eat Their Master
16.--Encore Break #1--
17.--Band Intros--
18.Clean As A Thistle >
19.Holiday In Cambodia [Dead Kennedys]
20.--Encore Break #2--
21.--Jello Speaks--
22.Kill The Poor [Dead Kennedys]


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