samedi, février 20, 2016

BOOTLEG : Graveyard - The Town Ballroom, Buffalo, 11 February 2016

01-No Good, Mr. Holden
02-From a Hole in the Wall
03-Buying Truth (Tack & Förlåt)
04-Seven Seven
05-Exit 97
06-Cause & Defect
07-The Suits, the Law & the Uniforms
08-An Industry of Murder
09-Too Much Is Not Enough
10-As the Years Pass by, the Hours Bend
11-Magnetic Shunk
12-Hisingen Blues
13-Endless Night
14-Uncomfortably Numb
15-(encore break)
16-Stay for a Song
17-The Apple & the Tree
18-Ain't Fit to Live Here
19-The Siren


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