samedi, janvier 30, 2016

BOOTLEG : Michael Jackson - Bad, Special Alternate Edition (CD & Covers)

01. Intro 
02. Bad Extended Version 
03. Autograph Interlude 
04. The Way You Make Me Feel Performance Mix 
05. I Hate That Bunny Interlude 
06. Speed Demon MoonwalkerArcade Mix 
07. Speed Demon Show Down Mix 
08. Liberian Girl Piano Mix 
09. Writing The Bad Album 
10. Another Part of Me Ravenscroft Four Verse Edit 
11. My Philosophy 
12. Man In The Mirror Live United We Stand Edit 
13. I Just Wanna Lay Next To You 
14. I Just Can't Stop Loving You Original Album Version 
15. I Love The Fans 
16. Dirty Diana Ben Liebrand Dmc Mix 
17. Writing The Album 
18. Smooth Criminal Video Mix 
19. Dressing Up 
20. Leave Me Alone No Kids Left Mix 
21. Meeting Michael 
22. Streetwalker Area 51 Funky Mix 
23. Nervous 
24. Fly Away Nostrezzz Mix 
25. One Wish 
26. Bad Pepsi Version


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