samedi, janvier 16, 2016

BOOTLEG : Jackson Browne - 'Live Peace In Hiroshima 2015', Hiroshima, 17 March 2015 (CD & Covers)

01.The Barricades of Heaven
02.The Long Way Around
03.Leaving Winslow

04.These Days
05.Shaky Town
06.Looking Into / You(Requested)
07.You Know the Night08.For a Dancer
09.Fountain of Sorrow
10.Something Fine
11.Late for the Sky(Requested)

12.Rock Me on the Water
13.If I Could Be Anywhere
14.The Crow on the Cradle
in the Breach
16.Looking East
17.The Birds of St. Marks
18.Doctor My Eyes
19.Running on 
20.Take It Easy
21.Our Lady of the Well
22.Last Announcement


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