lundi, janvier 04, 2016

BOOTLEG : John Lennon – ‘A Spaniard In The Works’, 1997

01. My Life (2:30)
02. John Talks About How He Met Yoko And About Their Relationship (1:44)
03. Dear John (4:10)
04. John Talks About The Cosmic Joke Number 9; The Paradoxy Of Responsibility And The Idea Of Leadership As A False God (1:30)
05. Lord, Take This Makeup Off Me (2:21)
06. John Talks About How Important It Is For Everyone To Produce Their Own Dreams And Got Their Own Ways (1:13)
07. Make Love Not War (3:13)
08. John Talks About The Rock Star Life (1:44)
09. Here We Go Again (2:57)
10. John Talks About Pacifists That Got Shot, Gandhi, Martin Luther King. (0:57)
11. Yoko Talks About Her Feeling That John’s Spirit Is Still There (0:46)


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